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Beyond Beauty Parlor

Beyond Beauty Parlor

Address: 220 E. Broadway, Suite B
Glendale, CA 91205
Phone: Main (818) 247-2944
Contact: Alice Atakhanian, Qwner
Languages: Armenian, English, Farsi

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Alice Atakhanian is a talented beautician and makeup artist who has worked with hundreds of brides and movie stars. She has lent her creative talent to numerous events such as theatrical plays, music videos and more. Alice studied under David Allen Dittmer; a 27 year veteran makeup artist with years of Hollywood and television experience and Diana Qusley, a very popular makeup artist in Hollywood.

With over seventeen years of experience as a makeup artist and airbrush specialist, Alice and her beauty salon "Beyong Beauty Parlor" (formerly Alice Makeup Land) is now among the most recognized names in the Armenian, Persian and Indian community. Her skills and salon services are highly sought after by brides who want to look extra beautiful for their wedding day.

They key to looking fresh and lovely on your wedding day is to have flawless looking skin and long lasting hair and makeup. Alice and her team know the importance of such an occasion and will work extra hard to make you feel confident and look beautiful. The team at "Beyond Beauty Parlor" has all your beauty needs covered. From intricate up-do's to a flawlessly airbrushed face, they will make you look amazing for your wedding or any other special event.

Alice's expertise for hair styling, extensions and makeup artistry have constantly kept her in the spot light. Her salon was nominated as Best Beauty Salon in Southern California in 2010 by KCal 9 TV, and she is currently hosting make up shows on Time Show TV and Armenia TV.

To learn more about Alice and her salon, please visit her website or her Facebook: Alice Makeup Land.

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On my wedding day, Alice made me look beautiful. It's a fantastic place to go. I felt like a princess. I looked gorgeous! Highly recommended! Alice is amazing!


Alice is the best! No doubt about it! I like my makeup to be very natural looking and she does it exactly the way I like it.. I loved my makeup on my wedding day...


Believe me, she's one of the most talented make-up artists that I know, I trust her work 100% and I love her ideas. She's very sweet and caring lady...truly a celebrity makeup artist & hair stylist.

Helen; International Singer