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Karen Wall Garrison

Karen Wall Garrison

Address: CA
Phone: Main (714) 280-5939
Contact: Karen Wall Garrison , Artist/ Owner
Languages: English

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Karen Wall Garrison is a Live Event Painter and Wedding Muralist. An accomplished artist, Karen Wall Garrison has the ability to capture all the details of your wedding in her magnificent wedding murals that she will paint for you "on location" at your wedding.
An amazing, thoughtful and romantic treasure of your wedding day will hang on your wall to remind you of all those special and sentimental details that went into your glorious wedding celebration.

Karen Wall Garrison's observation of your reception decor plus the input about important family members and friends all come to mind when she sits down to paint. When the brush meets the canvas, her strokes make the paint explode with the details of your wedding combined into one breathtaking scene. By the end of your reception, the finished canvas is presented to you to take home.
Your guests will delight in seeing the evolution from blank canvas to an incredible work of art at the end of the reception!
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