Posted 05/01/2017

The Perfect Wedding Favors

The Perfect Wedding Favors

A nice wedding favor is important because they are a gesture of thanks and appreciation to your guests. All too often, people receive useless favors that ultimately end up getting stashed away or even thrown out, never to be seen again.You don’t want this to be the outcome at your wedding. The key to the perfect wedding favor then is to have something that matches to your wedding theme,nice enough to display in a home, or useful enough that your guests would use.Another impression is an edible gift; everyone loves a good treat!

Some popular (and outplayed) favor ideas in the past have been a box of matches, coasters, a notepad, wine/ shot glasses, candy, etc. things that your guests could use in their daily lives. Your guests will remember your wedding day each time they use these items. Here are some of our favorite wedding favor ideas, to make your wedding day even more memorable:


fresh olive oil

Water bottles


Luggage tags

Coffee Mugs

mini champagne bottles

Home Made Jam

Infused olive oil

Carmel apples

Tea bags

Bottle openers


tequila bottles

Honey jars

coffee beans

Coffee Beans

hot sauce

little succulents

hangover kits

Spreader knife with cork handle


bottle stopper

Candle holder

Heart shaped measuring spoons

compact mirror

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