Posted 11/02/2017

Unique and Beautiful Ways to Dress Your Thanksgiving Table

Unique and Beautiful Ways to Dress Your Thanksgiving Table

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, we know that planning holiday parties can become a little bit stressful. Here are some creative and unique ways to dress up your Thanksgiving table, and decorate your stunning centerpieces over the holidays.

Turn Fresh Apples into a Rustic Centerpiece:

Simple, easy, and fresh to set the perfect mood for any dinner party.


 Fall Leaf Centerpiece:

Looking for an inexpensive, seasonal centerpiece that will last through the fall? All you need is a few branches from your backyard. 


Add some Sparkle:

Give leftover Halloween pumpkins or gourds a glamorous makeover with gold, silver or copper leaf. Faux pumpkins are best because you can store them to display year after year.


Use Leftover Halloween pumpkins:

For an earthy focal point, skip the flowers and instead stack heirloom variety blue, green and gray pumpkins in graduated sizes to create a rustic topiary. Remove the stems from all but the top pumpkin to create a stable base.

Mix and match your flowers:

There are no hard-set rules that state you MUST use only oranges and golds for your Thanksgiving centerpiece — mix it up and choose flowers in whatever color you choose.


Timeless Elegance:

Compact flowers like ranunculus and roses are the perfect choice for a traditional centerpiece. For added texture, fill in with sprays of greenery or fall-blooming foliage like Scotch heather or ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum.


Bare can be beautiful:

Take a stroll outdoors to gather bare branches for a minimal, flower-free centerpiece. Sculptural and elegant, their slim silhouette won’t block the view of other dinner guest.





A scattering of seed pods, pinecones and nuts surround cream pillar candles for this easy centerpiece.

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